• Blood-thirsty

    Through the window she can see it’s snowing

    She can see his shadow, she close her eyes, laughing

    She can feel him he’s coming

    The wind is blowing and he walks through the snow

    She’s ready for him, blood-thirsty, just ready

    They’ll dance together, they’ll make love all night



    He brings her black roses

    Jewels with red diamonds

    He loves the way she smile

    He loves the way she talk

    He loves the way she walk

    He loves the way she laugh

    He loves the way she kiss

    He loves the way hold



    He can see her smiling, laughing

    Her red lips and pretty white teeth

    She can touch him with her hands

    Her hands, blood-red nails as he’s trumbling

    His skin, his flesh, so white, so tasty she says

    ‘Let the poison flow in your veins and let me reborn you from your blood’



    You’re the chosen one

    The only one

    The one she wants

    To play with, to kill

    Don’t resist, you just can’t

    You can’t help her

    From make you suffer

    From make you die



    You’re just a shooting star, for her just a toy

    You’re her doll, a slave, a shooting star

    Sooner she’ll forget you and will find anotherone

    Another toy to break another heart to waste

    She’s your master and you, poor puppet

    She is the poison you will drink


    He brought her black roses

    Jewels with red diamonds

    He was the chosen one

    For a time, a little time

    She broke her toy

    She forgot him

    She chose anotherone

    To play with, to kill



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