• Blind Man On The Seashore

    Far from love you are

    Lost and alone

    The frightenning wind in the trees


    Why can’t you talk ?

    Were you like that before ?

    And will you find the way to love…

    Cry scream but

    Nobody can hear you


    Like a lightenning in the sky

    Her face came to you

    (Nobody can hear you)

    She broke the silence

    She took your fear away

    But the sun didn’t come back

    And the sky stayed black

    Far from love you were

    She stopped your tears but


    You must run

    (Cry, scream, but)

    Away, away

    (Nobody can hear you)

    Don’t stay around

    (Run, run)

    Don’t look at her

    (Run, run)

    She can take her time

    She just walk behind you

    (Don’t look at her)


    Her white eyes

    And her cold mouth

    All this blood on her heart

    Are still following you

    (Run, run, run,run…)

    All your life

    (Run !)

    She didn’t kill you

    (But your eyes)


    She was a well of desire

    And death

    She stole your freedom

    Her beauty was stronger

    Than your will

    Come back to reality




    The metal waves of her love

    Became a part of you

    Made you suffer

    Killed your heart

    It’s never over…



    Blind man on the seashore

    Why can’t you cry ?

    Why don’t you try to live…

    You weren’t like that before

    It’s never over…

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